Ramadan Timetable 2020 (Calendar)

Ramadan Timetable 2020 (Calendar)
You can find out Ramadan prayers timings and Ramadan sehar and iftar timings in the chart mentioned below:
6 May1 Ramadan04:30 AM07:04 PM04:30 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:04 PM08:27 PM
7 May2 Ramadan04:30 AM07:05 PM04:30 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:05 PM08:28 PM
8 May3 Ramadan04:29 AM07:05 PM04:29 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:05 PM08:29 PM
9 May4 Ramadan04:28 AM07:06 PM04:28 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:06 PM08:30 PM
10 May5 Ramadan04:27 AM07:06 PM04:27 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:06 PM08:31 PM
11 May6 Ramadan04:26 AM07:07 PM04:26 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:07 PM08:32 PM
12 May7 Ramadan04:26 AM07:08 PM04:26 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:08 PM08:32 PM
13 May8 Ramadan04:25 AM07:08 PM04:25 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:08 PM08:33 PM
14 May9 Ramadan04:24 AM07:09 PM04:24 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:09 PM08:34 PM
15 May10 Ramadan04:23 AM07:09 PM04:23 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:09 PM08:34 PM
16 May11 Ramadan04:22 AM07:10 PM04:22 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:10 PM08:35 PM
17 May12 Ramadan04:21 AM07:10 PM04:21 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:10 PM08:36 PM
18 May13 Ramadan04:21 AM07:11 PM04:21 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:11 PM08:37 PM
19 May14 Ramadan04:20 AM07:11 PM04:20 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:11 PM08:37 PM
20 May15 Ramadan04:20 AM07:12 PM04:20 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:12 PM08:38 PM
21 May16 Ramadan04:19 AM07:12 PM04:19 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:12 PM08:39 PM
22 May17 Ramadan04:18 AM07:13 PM04:18 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:13 PM08:39 PM
23 May18 Ramadan04:18 AM07:13 PM04:18 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:13 PM08:40 PM
24 May19 Ramadan04:17 AM07:14 PM04:17 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:14 PM08:41 PM
25 May20 Ramadan04:17 AM07:14 PM04:17 AM12:29 PM05:11 PM07:14 PM08:41 PM
26 May21 Ramadan04:17 AM07:15 PM04:17 AM12:29 PM05:11 PM07:15 PM08:42 PM
27 May22 Ramadan04:16 AM07:15 PM04:16 AM12:29 PM05:11 PM07:15 PM08:43 PM
28 May23 Ramadan04:16 AM07:16 PM04:16 AM12:29 PM05:11 PM07:16 PM08:43 PM
29 May24 Ramadan04:15 AM07:16 PM04:15 AM12:29 PM05:11 PM07:16 PM08:44 PM
30 May25 Ramadan04:15 AM07:17 PM04:15 AM12:30 PM05:12 PM07:17 PM08:45 PM
31 May26 Ramadan04:15 AM07:17 PM04:15 AM12:40 PM05:12 PM07:17 PM08:45 PM
1 June27 Ramadan04:15 AM07:17 PM04:15 AM12:30 PM05:12 PM07:17 PM08:46 PM
2 June28 Ramadan04:14 AM07:18 PM04:14 AM12:30 PM05:12 PM07:18 PM08:46 PM
3 June29 Ramadan04:14 AM07:18 PM04:14 AM12:30 PM05:12 PM07:18 PM08:46 PM
4 June30 Ramadan04:14 AM07:19 PM04:14 AM12:30 PM05:13 PM07:19 PM08:46 PM

As we reach out to Allah through fasts and prayers,

this Ramadan, may He enlighten your heart and soul.
Ramadan Mubarak!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!! Ramdan k dino main Light Bilkul Nahi JayE Gi. Thnx Wapda . . . . . Light Aye Gi To Jaye Gi Na. .

  • Wo Sehri ka uthna, Wo Iftari ka mil behtna, Wo Travee ki namaz, Quran ki tilawat, aur Pepsi pe 5 rupee ki choot honey...
  • He is the one GOD;the Creator,the Initiate,the Designer.To Him belong the most beautiful names He is the Almighty,Most Wise. HAPPY RAMZAN
  • Welcome Ramzan! Walk Humbly Talk Politely Dress Neatly Treat Kindly Pray Attentively Donate generously ALLAH bless You
  • Agar Apko Rozey me Bhook Lagti ho Tu Sehri mein, Bismillah parh k 1 Kilo Dahi, 1 Glass Milk, 3 Se 4 Parathey.
On Blesed Month of Ramadan’s arrival, Allah chains the satan and close all gates of Hell. Now Feel Happy and comfortable – So that nothing can stop us from praying to Allah.

That festivity push calmness lets brighten up the entire world to surpass the ground and develop hope to the heart of each Muslim may. Happy Ramadan!

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